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Geographic Information System

GeoVista’s often undertakes consulting assignments of Satellite/Aerial Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Global Positioning Applications and Geospatial (GIS) workflow Analysis and Design. GeoVista has an impressive professional in this technology and has a top technical team who bring with them more than 10 years of experience in spatial technology. We not only offer end to end solutions but we implement the solutions that best support your business needs and suit your particular situation.

  • Geospatial Services & Solutions
  • GIS Data conversion services
  • GIS Database generation
  • GIS Data Modeling
  • Customization of the GIS solution for specific needs
  • GIS Support & Maintenance
  • GIS enabled Web Services
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Urban or Municipal GIS
  • Utility GIS
  • Enterprise GIS Solutions
  • GIS Warehousing
  • Web mapping applications
  • Location Based Services
  • GIS Software Development
  • GIS consultancy service
  • Geo Coding
  • GIS Training

Image Processing Services

GeoVista has the state-of-the-art technology, expertise and practical knowledge to execute the following image processing applications using remote sensing data also championed project designing and execution in Near Real Time Weather Monitoring and Analysis Project, which is one of its kind using Real time Satellite data.

  • Ortho rectification and seamless color balanced mosaicing of satellite and aerial data.
  • High-resolution satellite data sharpening.
  • Preparation of various natural resources maps (landuse, landcover, soil, geology, drainage, etc.) using digital and manual interpretation techniques.
  • Transform the datum to a specified datum.
  • Crop acreage estimation and Crop modeling.
  • Creating digital elevation models (DEMs) and digital terrain models (DTMs) from medium and high-resolution satellite data.
  • Processing of RADAR images for feature identification through interpretation and DEM generation.
  • Forest Vegetation mapping & Fire mapping.
  • Change detection Studies.
  • Pervious and Impervious Mapping.
  • Watershed management.
  • Real Time Weather data monitoring & Analysis Global Forecasting System (GFS) of weather conditions.
  • Tracking El Nino movement – expert advisory on its influence on global weather.

GIS Software Solution & Training

GeoVista provides best end-to-end customized software application development in today’s world. Research on businesses, identifying requirement in co-ordination with clients and offering solutions that enhance client business operations.

GeoVista Academy is geared to take up both classroom and onsite trainings, such as basic, specialized and customised training.

Geovista Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., develops interactive solutions through website design, and web application development.

Web Design

  • Web Page Design
  • Flash Website
  • Website Maintenance

Web Development

  • Website & Portals
  • Professional Corporate Websites
  • Custom Application Development
  • ERP & e-Commerce Solutions

Data and Knowledge Process Outsourcing

GeoVista processing services include Data extraction, Data entry, Data conversion services, Analytic services, Research services and Document management services. We accept both online and offline format.

Transalation and Localization

GeoVista offers translation and localization services for Indic languages such as Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam.

Talent Management Process

GeoVista offers recruitment consulting exclusively in recruitment of specialized profession of IT, ITES (BPO).